Nature studies from September




Been awhile since I posted. Here’s a colour pencil rendering of the black head munia, a small passerine bird. It’s a small gregarious bird which feeds mainly on grain and other seeds. It frequents open grassland and cultivation, 11–12 cm in length. I spotted this on the way to the River Tern lodge in the Bhadra Reserve forest, Karnataka. It was, in fact in the tall grasses around a small water body near farmland, exactly as in the description. It’s also rather cute!

This was done using the same Staedtler Luna set, though I didn’t take too much trouble on the background.




This one is from last month, and was more of a trial piece because I scored a whole pile of loot then! There was a sale of Mont Marte art supplies at a store, so I pretty much bought 1 of everything they had… Oops. The medium used is pastel and from an old pic I had of sunflowers in a field. I really need to do some more , especially with all this new stationery I have now, but I’ve been spending more time on crafting lately. Will post those soon as well.



About Nayantara

An architect by profession, amateur artist and cartoonist on the side, with a bit of furniture design thrown in. Besides being something of a fitness and health freak, I love all things DIY, from hair and skin care to crafts, crochet & jewellery.

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