My trip to North-East India


I finally got a chance to go on a long overdue vacation last month, and visited Meghalaya: Shillong, Cherrapunjee & Arunachal Pradesh via Guwahati & Tezpur: Tawang via Bomdila. On the way back I visited Kaziranga National Park instead of Nameri as it was booked out.

I really wanted to do a travel sketchbook, but the trip was so hectic with too much packed into a tight schedule, so even though I did manage to produce a few sketches in-situ, so to speak, I had to cheat and complete the majority of them when I got back home.

As soon as we landed in Guwahati, we took a shared Sumo from Paltan Bazaar to Shillong, reaching around 5pm, by which time it’s already getting dark so far east. The next day, we set out to Ward’s lake, where we saw a number of birds in the vicinity, and hung around there awhile. In the afternoon we took a roundabout route to the Iewduh tribal market, passing the famous All Saint’s Church on the way which is depicted here in Pages 1&2-



More to follow, with hopefully less of a delay!


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