Projects: Renderings


Been a long time since I’ve bothered about blogging, and I have plenty of incomplete stuff which can’t be posted. Decided to do a PG course in bamboo technology and I’ve been mostly busy with that, but more on that later. In the meantime, I figured it would be nice to start posting some early work- sketches & renders of project work.

These are for a residential interior project, which didn’t fructify (that’s the case for the large no. of them, incidentally!) For projects like these I have to very quickly, usually in a day or 2, turn out a presentation, so it has to look decent and can’t be too fancy.

These views depict the master bedroom, one of the living room walls, and the ‘entertainment/ family area.

avliving display wall family


About Nayantara

An architect by profession, amateur artist and cartoonist on the side, with a bit of furniture design thrown in. Besides being something of a fitness and health freak, I love all things DIY, from hair and skin care to crafts, crochet & jewellery.

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  1. Your blog looks so interesting. If not for an exam tomorrow, I would have spent a while in here. Will be back more for soon. Is there a way to follow your blog? Let me search.

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