More traveling in the ‘North-east’


After a long, long (much toooo long!) break, I’m back with this. And I have another few already done, so ready to be posted, and another few getting done!

Even though work is supposed to be creative as well, somehow I end up being less creative when I get busy, and art suffers in the process. After a trip to Singapore a couple months ago where I bought yet more art supplies (haven’t used them yet), I figure I need to put them to better use.

Getting back to the post, this was my favourite part of this trip, it just blew me away- the vast open spaces, the little not-quite town with its quaint churches. It almost seems to have more churches than people. Sadly, the (now second-) wettest place on earth was bone-dry when we visited. On the long path to see the living root bridges, I saw more butterflies in a single place than I’ve seen in all my life put together, and I couldn’t get enough of their gorgeous velvety brightness.

NElogcherra lr


About Nayantara

An architect by profession, amateur artist and cartoonist on the side, with a bit of furniture design thrown in. Besides being something of a fitness and health freak, I love all things DIY, from hair and skin care to crafts, crochet & jewellery.

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