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So once more, it’s been a while since my last post, my only real excuse being that I was so into all the stuff I was making, I didn’t bother posting any of it. This is some of the stuff I’ve been crocheting in Oct-Nov 2013. The first is a little bag I made for my Sister-in-law’s birthday using a shaded acrylic wool available here (off Commercial Street, Bangalore). It’s really soft and feels good. That first pic is an attempt to have an arsty farsty looking arrangement. The pattern is from

stuffy stuffy+monkey1 - Copy


I love this little fellow. Since it’s been a few months now since I made it, I can’t quite recall but the pattern was probably from a link off, which has some really amazing stuff and is totally worth checking out for those who love to DIY. This was for my niece and she loves it! The wool’s from the same place. So far I have yet to visit all the other places mentioned for crochet/knitting supplies on other sites (Raja market?)

There’s a bunch of other stuff I still have to photograph before I can put it up, which will be soon, hopefully. Don’t you love my little model? Her name’s Monkey 🙂